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Our Products


Omal is a company with extensive technical awareness and an in-depth knowledge of the pneumatic world market whose mission is ‘empowerment of customer satisfaction’. 

The continuous use of innovative materials and machinery made Omal a leader in the market.of valves and actuators. All the achieved results were possible thanks to a highly skilled staff in every specific department, from engineering and manufacturing, to quality control and sales. This line of pneumatic actuators is constantly being updated to meet the requirements of a very complex and diverse clientele and thanks to its flexibility and advanced technology and it has always been ahead of the market and its needs.


Core Product Range:


16 Omal VIP
Rotary Actuators
17 Omal Angle Seat Valve

        Axial Valve

      Rotary Actuators

    Angle Seat Valves

Ball valve group
Butterfly Valve Group

 21 Omal Pneu Elec posn

     Ball Valves

     Butterfly Valves